Our Programs

For more than three decades, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has raised awareness on cancer risk, lifestyle and nutrition and has pushed research to new heights by asking bold questions on cancer risk, prevention and survivorship. AICR is a trusted resource for health-care professionals across the country, as our research continues to improve cancer care and shape public policy. AICR supports several programs for cancer prevention and healthy survivorship, and our fact sheets, pamphlets, interactive tools and other resources are great to use alongside these evidence-based programs. Read below to learn more.


Cancer Health Check

An online assessment tool to help individuals understand how the lifestyle choices they make every day can reduce their risk for cancer. This simple and easy tool measures individual lifestyle choices, like diet and exercise habits, against AICR’s evidence-based 10 Cancer Prevention Recommendations. After users answer a brief series of questions, they immediately receive a summary of results that show areas where they are doing well and where there are areas for improvement.


Healthy10 Challenge 

A 10-week, free, interactive, online program to help users improve their diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight for lower cancer risk and better overall health. It is based on AICR’s evidence-based Cancer Prevention Recommendations and is intended for adults wanting to reduce their cancer risk (including reoccurrence and secondary cancer). Its motivational challenges alternate between diet and physical activity to help users eat smarter and move more. Each week users will be given a goal as well as tips and tools to help conquer each challenge. This is a simple and fun way to become healthier and take action to reduce cancer risk at any stage of life. 


Coping with Cancer in the Kitchen

Designed for cancer survivors, “CCK” is a unique, evidence-based, interactive, eight-week program with the option of virtual or in-person delivery. It is based on AICR’s evidence-based Cancer Prevention Recommendations and packaged as a turnkey program specifically for communities. Following a series of successful pilots and the results from a randomized controlled trial published in 2020, CCK will begin to invite applications from more communities to participate in late 2021 or early 2022.